Thursday, April 13, 2006

Linking Etiquette Revisited

Ok, so I won't sweat the linking issue too much. Thanks for the input, people! I just aims ta be polite!

But I DO figure that the least I can do is post more regularly, but the last two weeks have been packed with a new job (going well!), sidework at night, and getting my first bloody cold in...I don't know how long! I DON'T GET SICK, DAMN IT! Especially not during my first week at a new job. I figure this must be ebola; it would take ebola to give ME even a sore throat [strut boast strut swagger].

But I have some swell ideas fo'min' in me head...

...put pen to paper....pen to paper...


Flygirl said...

Hullo Francis

I like your artwork. Sorry 'bout the cold.

Finally decided to start one of these blog thingies myself.


justinpatrickparpan said...

Power to you man and your new ideas, look forward to seeing them. And one heck of a drawing below. I enjoy the taste of mouse as well!