Thursday, March 30, 2006

Linking Etiquette

It occurred to me that there might be some sort of etiquette or protocol for linking to someone else's blog. I mean, what if Tweedlebop doesn't want to be associated with a guy who draws naked men commenting on each other's units?

Maybe Alina Chau will be so angry that I didn't ask permission that she'll threaten my life with a switchblade knife??

Yumnoodle may come after my family! Who knows what can come of this world of relative anonymity!?! Some of you are likely real nutjobs; worse than ME, even!

This could get serious!


Marsha said...

Very cute art.

Anonymous said...

I like it. Very funny.

etiquette? on the internet?
I'm a fellow nutjob not in the "invade a country" -way

more the "stare into a puddle for too long- admiring the colors-" sort.

keep up the good drawings

Trevor Pitt said...

At last! Someone else is asking this question. I just emailed several people this week asking them what was the proper way to link to someone's blog. No one had an answer. Bah!

Great illo as well Francis. I'm a nutjob, so I can relate to your work. Do you wanna swap links? Um, that sounds rather dirty doesn't it? Wanna hotlink URLs? What? Where did that come from? Er, can I host your link? Damn, still sounds bad. Lemme see, how do I word this!??

Me like you drawrings' make link?


how dare you link me on your blog. fine, if this is how you want play, lets see how you feel when i link your blog to mine. take that! watch your back, buddy. i know where you post.

Dee C.K. said...

hahaha....better watch out!! I will get your family!!!muuuhhhaaaaaa.....
no, really I'm sorry, I totally flaked, but you are now linked and I am very happy to do so! You Rawk! Also, thank you for linking me too!

Slimbolala said...

I've seen this conversation come up before in web groups. Although there were a few dissenters, the common consensus (and I agree) was that no permission is required to link to someone's blog or website. The web is by definition a public medium, and by posting on the web they are placing themselves in the public arena. Anyone is free to, link to the site as they see fit. Netiquette has not been violated.

Anonymous said...

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