Sunday, January 29, 2006

Balloon Man vignette

I have had two pages (count 'em! A whole two pages!) of Balloon Man in the works for...well, I'll keep that myself; the time that has passed is more embarrassing than skidmarks. As soon as I get those finished, I even have three or four solid one page gags ready to roll. In the meantime, a little sketch I did.

"Balloon Man: Hero, Fiend or Maverick?"


Hopseed said...
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Hopseed said...

Right on! I wondered about the fate of your BM (did that come out wrong? Whups making it worse...)

Glad to hear you're making it to SxSW! I see you like the that case, I highly recommend you listen to The Adored ( They picked up where the Buzzcocks left off (Pete Shelley even sings backup!), and they are playing at SxSW. Check it out mate!!

Hopseed said...

Sorry brutha of a different mutha, indeed it was my ham-fisted attempt at a post. As Middle-Aged Man would say....I'm working on it!!

PS tell Flem-bone not to panic at the latest blogs to the "done waiting" SxSW sites! We'll get ours....plenty o' shows for those who believe good things come to those that wait.

Anonymous said...

I'm freaking! I'm freaking!