Monday, January 30, 2006

Alito will confirmed tomorrow

You are fucked.

There is no pill magic or happy enough, nor would there be enough if they existed, to change that fact.


Hopseed said...

"You are fucked." Fran, glad to know you have finally gone completely sane. Although the Brave New World placid expression on your face may be masking something hebephrenic underneath.

I say, step away from the book repository building...

Bonkers said...

Oswald was a patsy.

He was too, you boys. I installed two-way mirrors in his pad in Brentwood. He answered the door in a dress.

Hopseed said...

(response to your posting to my ramblings..)

No insult intended! Sane because you have come to the only logical conclusion. The hebephrenia is merely a symptom of being fuked over enough the psychic damage becomes irreperable.

Kind of a paradox indeed, that the only proper (i.e. sane) reaction to all of the double-talk, lies, manipulation is to go insane.

Your drawing made my laugh. I saw the bovine expression as a sort of fuk you, I won't tip my hand, wear my emotions on my sleeve for the MAN's benefit. :)

PS That doesn't mean he was a homo Miller!! A lot of guys like to see their buddies fuk

Bonkers said...


That's it exactly, Hopseed!

Mebbe I can be a cartoonist when I grow up!