Saturday, January 28, 2006


I just found a new way to tell that I am getting older.

Know how you have to get free accounts and shit when signing up for something like the Rhapsody player plugin? Well, some of these have a drop down menu for choosing your year of birth. What's amazing is clicking at the top and starting to move down to find your year. Then you realize, all of a sudden-like, that it seems to be taking far longer than it used to. I can remember signing in or in the old days of paper questionnares (bet some 19 year old kid has no idea what a paper questionnare looks like) looking at the column of choices and thinking, "Jesus, what sad old bastard would be filling out the same questionnare as a young vibrant guy like me?"


Like a freight train on padded, silent-travel wheels. Never saw it coming!

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Anonymous said...

I love that he's some sort of Michael Berryman sort of man-child.